About Us

Incorporated in 1986, TAP Resource Development Group has provided development services for organizations and individuals for over 25 years founded on the concept that effective development must be founded on a holistic or total systems approach.

For our organizational clients, we offer a number of services, all based on the importance of understanding your organization’s strategic purpose or focus, its culture (how you do things in order to succeed), leadership, and the alignment of culture, leadership and process with strategic focus. These issues are at the very core of organizational effectiveness and if not considered can and often do create barriers to effective change.  We recommend that any change or development program (everything from strategic planning to competitiveness studies to automation) include a thorough understanding of the organization, its core issues, and its strategic direction.

By dealing with core issues we have found that organizations can increase the productivity of their employees by at least 10% and often more.  This type of improvement can have a significant positive impact on the level of service you provide your customers and on your overall effectiveness.

Unique Approach

TAP Resource provides our clients with a unique yet very effective approach to meeting their needs. We combine our staff skills, experience and expertise with those of associate consultants that are experts in their particular area. This enables us to provide unique, customized approaches to client needs while keeping our fees reasonable.

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