Cate Gerstberger

Cate co-founded TAP Resource Development Group, Inc. in 1986 and currently serves as Vice President. She began her career in personal development and mentoring as a Colorado State Drug and Alcohol Certified Counselor in the early 1980s working with Center For Life Skills in Fort Collins, Colorado. Cate taught classes and worked closely with people from all walks of life dealing with painful life experiences. She is also certified in the use of the Organizational Culture & Alignment Indicator (OCAI).

Choosing to learn from all her personal and professional experiences, she has passionately come to believe two things: 

  • that self-esteem (high regard for one’s self) is the single most important factor we must foster in ourselves in order to achieve success in all parts of our lives.
  • that our thoughts (not anything outside ourselves) create our feelings and produce our behavior and our circumstance.

She works with individuals, leads groups, provides programs, training and private consultation. As a public speaker her authentic, thought-provoking wisdom is masterfully presented as she connects with her audience.

In addition to her individual work and speaking engagements, Cate has worked with many organizations including; Sacramento Regional County Sanitation District, Sacramento Area Sewer Agency, Toho Water Authority (Kissimmee, FL), City of Aurora Water Department (CO) and Essex Water Company (Chelmsford, England).

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