The last two years have been an incredibly unique, challenging, unusual,
and yes interesting time. A time of some very personal challenges for me
along with some very significant growth opportunities. It was over a year and a
half ago that I was in Anaheim at the Utility Management Conference with
a commitment that would add a significant new organization to our client
list. The pandemic, however, took things in a totally different direction.
The client’s project, along with some ongoing work, was totally derailed.

The pandemic has forced us to rethink many things, including how we
work. I read an article in the paper recently regarding the “Great
Resignation” and another titled “Time For Us To Readjust” and then
there’s an article indicating the “new normal” will be a hybrid workforce
that may come in many variations. And a utility leader recently
commented that “we don’t have qualified candidates applying for our
open positions”. Regardless of all the changes that have occurred in the
last year and a half during the pandemic, all the signs indicate that there
will also be significant change as we move into the “new normal” and that
the “new normal” will provide opportunities greater than anything we’ve
known before. It's time to start thinking about the light at the end of the
tunnel as a golden opportunity. At the same time, there is a lot for us to
think about.

Preparing and succeeding in the “new normal” will involve important
steps for leaders*; the first step is looking inward, understanding
ourselves. As leaders, we cannot have a clear sense of where change is
going to take us without understanding where we are coming from
personally and organizationally. For me, I found the Individual Directions
Inventory (IDI) created by Management Research Group (MRG) provides a
new and effective foundation for increased self-awareness.

The IDI measures the complexity and richness of the way individuals
interact with the world and make life choices. As a user and certified
facilitator of IDI assessments, I intend to provide the type of assistance
leaders need to understand the path forward into the “new reality”. If you
want to know more, email or give me a call.


Richard Gerstberger, PE MBA
TAP Resource Development Group, Inc.
(303) 561-3788

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