Leadership Development


Is leadership aligned with your strategic purpose so that everyone is headed in the same direction?

Is leadership providing effective direction for your organization?

Are you preparing the leaders of tomorrow from within the organization?

  Over the last 16+ years, TAP Resource Development Group has worked with many managers in a number of public works, utility, and other local government organizations. During that time, we have provided leadership development and coaching services to over 350 managers at all levels of the organization. Our comprehensive approach is built on four fundamental principles:

  • There is not one right way to lead (One size does not fit all)
  • There are four basic approaches to leadership
  • Some characteristics of these approaches are similar, only implemented differently
  • Strategic Focus (how the organization provides value to its customers) determines the right approach to leadership and leadership development 
“TAP Resource gave us a different perspective and objectivity about how we see ourselves, how we do business, and how the leadership in our unit works.”
Richard Sykes
Water System Manager
EBMUD, Oakland, CA

Comprehensive leadership development and leadership succession planning involves aligning leadership with the organization that the leader is responsible for. For that reason, an understanding of the organization is an important foundation. We recommend beginning the development process with an organizational assessment. Through the assessment process, the leadership team will gain an understanding of the organization’s focus, culture, leadership, the alignment of culture and leadership with purpose and the level of integration among elements of culture and leadership.

Elements of leadership development and leadership succession planning are often unique for each organization. However, an important component of successful succession planning is the integration of leadership development into a comprehensive organizational performance management system.
“Alignment of strategy, culture, and leadership sounds like one of those "soft" areas that utility managers typically do not like to approach. However, our work with TAP Resource has provided us with a tangible framework for building a performance and results-oriented organization."
Mary Snyder
District Engineer/CEO (Retired)
Sacramento Area Sewer District

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